About chantel

Hello, Beautiful Humans!

My name is Chantel, AKA Chenu ;) I am a Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner and Massage Therapist. I have this life long mission to create a healthier environment for us. From what we eat, how we sleep, to our everyday connections with one another. Most importantly, our connection with ourselves. Ideally, I want you to be blissed out in all those moments... But, the society we live in can make those blissful moments quite difficult at times, ( I know, because I've had a lot of rough patches.)

I was 30 lbs overweight, had bad skin, I was always tired, constantly surprised with hormonal imbalances, and don't get me started with the Fibromyalgia and headaches! I could rarely sleep, and when I did, I slept for such long periods of time, that I missed out on life! Ruined many friendships along the way... Not until my father passed away from heart disease, did I realize what a problem it was. 

I thought I had tried everything to be healthy throughout my life... Crash diets, cleanses, medications, working out, etc. I even stopped talking to toxic people, etc... Really, all of that, and I didn't feel much happier, or healthier... Why?! Because I didn't have the education or healthy connection with my body to stay on the right track. My approaches were all of. Things hit me pretty hard, but nothing stopped me. I wanted to feel balanced and whole. It has been an incredible journey of learning and blissed out experiences! 

I had to work at it... I woke up every day with a fresh start. Without realizing it, I was mentally creating my own Reset Program. I was living it everyday. Yes, there were times I wanted to give up. I laughed, I cried. But, there was a lot of Aha moments! I started to see everything clearly for the first time. 

I realized how the love for my body was increasing and that kept me moving forward. I now feel balanced and whole, I love my body, and I want to help you get there. I want you to feel all those blissed out moments!

I love you!  - Chenu. 



Chantel's intuition and technical skill give her a very unique excellence that is hard to find. each time I leave a session with her I feel like a new person, not only more relaxed and loosened up, but inspired and empowered! I would recommend her to any and everyone as I know she gives personalized bodywork to each individual. - J.E.


Chantel is a truly gifted healer with a deep knowledge of how the body works holistically. She is passionate about bringing her clients into greater health. Chantel is intuitive, compassionate and non-judgmental. You'll leave her office glowing. - Chris